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Keep Your Staff Team Photo Current


Without having to get them all together every time you have a new hire




This is Fred.  He and his wife, Julie, own an RV dealership.  He doesn’t really know why he is here, but his wife told him to come and get his picture taken and he knows he should do what she tells him to, so here he is.  

man jeans navy blazer

This is Julie.  She knows a staff portrait on the website and in the lobby would help with customer service so she set this up.  They are all definitely too busy to come at the same time and she didn’t think they needed to take time for the clothing consult - they all know how to wear a suit!

man jeans navy blazer

This is Brandon, Fred and Julie’s son.  He does the books for the dealership.

man jeans navy blazer

This is Leslie, Fred and Julie’s daughter.  She does the dealership’s marketing.  Oh, and her husband.  Julie didn’t give birth to him so he doesn’t get a name and nobody’s quite sure what he does, but he gets a paycheck.

man jeans navy blazer

This is how we fixed the portrait when Julie came in to look at the proof and realized Fred showed up in jeans.  She’s reconsidering her decision to let him come alone.

man jeans navy blazer

Now Julie has looked at Brandon’s suit.  She specifically told him to wear the dark gray one.  Good thing we know how to fix that, too.  Julie says next time they are doing the clothing consult.  This is the final portrait they used for 2 years.

man jeans navy blazer

Until Leslie got a divorce.

man jeans navy blazer

And then found a new guy.

man jeans navy blazer

And they hired a receptionist.

man jeans navy blazer

It’s been five years and they’ve added two salespeople.  Their staff portrait has stayed accurate through all the changes and Fred is happy, because he hasn’t had to come back to the studio once.

man jeans navy blazer

Here's How it Works: 

1. Book Online

Click here to schedule a Style & Planning Consultation for your decision maker at a time that's convenient for you.  At this consultation we will discuss the look, background, and wardrobe that is right for your team.  

2. Quick Session

Each team member can come on their own the studio for a session that will be quick and easy at a time that is convenient for them.  We will be ready to start photographing when they get here, help them pose to look their best, and create 5-10 images to choose from.  Alternatively, we can come to your location and do your initial sessions back to back to make it even more convenient for your current team.

 3. Final Image

Each staff member's photo can be used as a stand alone full length portrait, a headshot, or in a staff composite.  As you add or replace staff members, only the new individual will need to be photographed in order for us to update your composite image.

Looking for something more?

We also offer Personal Branding and Corporate Headshots.  Click to learn more about these services.

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Framed portrait of newborn baby wrapped in brown swaddle by Rebecca Peterman Photography


"We just opened the box. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! Thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH!!!"

Three generation family in white shirts and jeans on blue background in silver frame by Rebecca Peterman Photography


"Thank you for the fun photoshoot. You took so many great pictures of my family."

Portrait of a high school senior with long straight red hair in a pink shirt and navy blazer in front of a black wrought iron fence and field of grass by Rebecca Peterman Photography


"Sarah's pictures were beautiful. You captured her essence perfectly."