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Versatile Headshots

May 09, 2023

Have you ever gotten a new headshot for your business cards, just to find out two weeks later the boss wants to put your image on a billboard and that headshot won't work so you need another one?  While that was great job security for your photographer, it probably wasn't as exciting for you to have to repeat the process.  It's a good idea for many reasons to get an updated headshot once a year, but during that year, we want your headshot to meet every need that comes up.  That's why our headshot sessions and deliverables are designed to be versatile.

We achieve that in two ways.  The first is during the session.  We have a streamlined, well-established process to quickly provide you with a variety of poses (and backgrounds if desired) that leaves our clients saying, "Are we done already?" after the session and "Wow, I didn't realize I would have that many choices" when they see the images.  We create images that are head and shoulders, three-quarter length, and full length all in a matter of minutes so that you will have options to choose from when selecting your favorite poses.  And if you think you just need the head and shoulders, but find out in two weeks you need the full length - just give us a call.  We won't throw away your unpurchased images.

The second way we provide versatility is in how your images are delivered.  All of your purchased images will be retouched as much or as little as you desire and then delivered to your email in four formats - high-resolution color and black & white (perfect for billboards, full-page ads business cards, etc) and low-resolution color and black & white (great for your website, email signature, profile picture, etc).

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