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11 Family Pictures Every Grandparent Should Have

May 01, 2023

Sometimes you know that you want family pictures, but you need a plan to help you get started.  We know not all families look alike, but this will give you a starting point to make a list that fits your family dynamics.  Here are the poses we recommend including in your next family portrait session:

  1. The whole family
  2. The family of origin
  3. Just you and your spouse
  4. You, your spouse, your kids, and their spouses
  5. You, your spouse, and the grandkids
  6. Just the grandkids
  7. Just your kids
  8. All the girls
  9. All the guys
  10. Each family unit (and breakouts within those units)
  11. multigenerational photo for each child (child, parent, grandparent, great grandparent)

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