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Easy Headshots

May 09, 2023

It can seem daunting to get a new headshot - especially if there is something you don't love about your appearance (just a hint, that's the entire human race!).  We get it. But here's the good news, it's not your job to know how to look good in a picture or to be photogenic.  If you don't feel photogenic, then you haven't been to the right photographer yet.

We make the process simple for you. 

Book your session online. 

Get dressed and come to the studio (or use our dressing room when you get here). 

We will handle everything else.  You don't have to know how to pose.  Or what to do with your hands.  Or if this is your good side or not.

We have decades of experience making people feel comfortable in their own skin and helping them look their very best.

Knowing where to position the lights and how to pose you (naturally, not uncomfortably or awkwardly) makes a world of difference in the finished image.  The camera doesn't add 20 pounds, but bad lighting and posing can and by the same token, good lighting and posing can do the reverse.  

We make the process super simple (some people even tell us they were surprised at how much they enjoyed it) and easy.  We will have everything ready for you.  The session will take 15 minutes or less.  You will see all of your images immediately so you can choose your favorites and immediately rephotograph anything you don't love.  Then you simply choose the images you want, let us know how much retouching you do or don't want, and we deliver it all to your email within 48 hours.

Click here to book your headshot session today.

Are you all in and ready to schedule your session?  The first step in the process is to schedule a Style & Planning Consultation by clicking the link in the upper right corner, however, you can also go ahead and reserve your session time by clicking the "Let's do this!" button below.

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